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The Drainvac Central Vacuum System (CVS) presents a revolutionary solution to elevate indoor air quality by effectively eliminating harmful micro dust particles from indoor spaces, all while preventing their re-circulation into the indoor air. This innovative system offers an array of features and benefits tailored for commercial use, making it an invaluable asset for maintaining hotels and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Where Can A Commercial Central Vacuum System Be Used?

Central vacuum systems deliver robust cleaning prowess, simplifying the task of upholding the pristine appearance of various commercial environments. Among the standout beneficiaries are:

1. Restaurants: Effortlessly maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of dining areas, ensuring a pleasant experience for patrons.

2. Theatres: Sustain the allure of theatres by efficiently managing dust and debris, contributing to the enjoyment of moviegoers.

3. Bowling Alleys: Keep the lanes and lounges invitingly clean, enhancing the overall entertainment atmosphere.

4. Hotels & Motels: Elevate the allure of guest rooms, lobbies, and corridors through an efficient and effective cleaning solution.

5. Conference Centres: Maintain the professionalism of conference spaces, supporting a conducive environment for productive gatherings.

6. Schools & Colleges: Foster a clean and healthy educational setting, prioritizing the well-being of students and staff alike.

7. Hospitals & Clinics: Safeguard hygiene in medical settings, where cleanliness directly impacts patient well-being.

Incorporating top central vacuum models into these diverse commercial arenas brings forth a new era of cleaning convenience and excellence.

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Cyclonic + Booster
Whether installed in a mechanical room or in a basement, each unit is dedicated to a floor. A booster head may be required for the last floor in order to supply sufficient power.

  • Bagless
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Large Capacity
  • Liquid Substances
  • Solid Substances
  • Cyclonic vacuum.
  • Constant suction, unlike other systems which carry dust bags.
  • Vacuums solids and liquids.


Industrial automatik
external 3 phase motor are connected to a control panel which supplies each floor according to the number of users. Notice that more than one user can be on the same floor, unlike the previous setup.

  • Custom-made and designed to operate for several consecutive hours.
  • No cartridge or filter to maintain.
  • No post-cleaning required. Drains automatically into sanitary piping or can be redirected towards a floor drain.
  • Easy access to the tank through the porthole.
  • Automated cleaning cycle. Easy maintenance through the porthole.
  • Collect accidentally vacuumed objects thanks to the decanter.
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Typical Challenges in Traditional Vacuum Cleaners

Typical challenges in traditional vacuum cleaning systems can be attributed to their efficiency in terms of both air quality and cost-effectiveness. Unlike their conventional counterparts, the Drainvac central vacuum cleaning for commercial, addresses these challenges adeptly. By eliminating hazardous micro-dust and preventing the formation of dust-raising swirls, it actively contributes to a healthier environment. Moreover, its economic viability is striking, offering reduced waste production and heightened cost efficiency.

Enhanced Dirt Removal from Flooring with Central Vacuum Systems

Central vacuum systems offer a notably superior capability to extract dirt from flooring surfaces. These systems are directly connected to a comprehensive network of piping and a potent power unit, providing them with an amplified suction force. This proves especially advantageous in establishments like hotels and restaurants, where the influx of foot traffic can result in heightened debris accumulation compared to typical residential settings.

This challenge is magnified during inclement weather, which tends to introduce additional debris into these spaces. Notably, the system excels in capturing a variety of debris types more effectively, including:

  • Dust and Dirt
  • Allergens of Various Kinds
  • Hair and Animal Dander
  • Food Crumbs and Sand
  • Baby Food and Formula Residue
  • Small Food Wrappers

The Best Place To Purchase Your Central Vacuum

When it comes to procuring a central vacuum system tailored to your business needs, Drainvac Central Vacuums stands as your premier destination. As a prominent vacuum dealer, we take pride in presenting an exquisite array of the finest and top-selling vacuums available in the market. But that's not all – we extend our commitment to enhancing your business by offering a comprehensive suite of products, including:

  • Premium Central Vacuums: Experience unparalleled quality with our range of top-tier central vacuum systems.
  • Precision Tools and Attachments: Elevate your cleaning efficacy with a selection of specialized tools and attachments designed to cater to diverse cleaning requirements.
  • Comprehensive Accessories & Parts: Find the perfect complement for your vacuum system through our diverse collection of accessories and replacement parts.
  • All-in-One Packages: Streamline your procurement process with our thoughtfully curated combination packages, encompassing both vacuum units and their compatible accessories.
  • Support for Discontinued Models: Rest assured, even if you're using older models, we have your back with a selection of parts and components to keep your systems running smoothly.

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