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Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

In order to meet a wide range of application needs and to deliver the best hoover performance in all kinds of industrial facilities, Drainvac India designs industrial hoover systems. We provide general cleaning for work area clean-up, material conveyance of products and industrial hoover systems for the point source capture of industrial dust. Our systems are built with high-efficiency, low-maintenance components that offer long life and continuous service.

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Our building features an integrated system consisting of Automatics, VacReel, and a fine dust separator. We've installed dry-liquid piping lines throughout the building, including a dedicated line for fine dust that connects to a specialized station.

Advanced System Features:

  • Automatic Operation: Our integrated system features automatic functionality, making it incredibly convenient to use.
  • Vacuum Reel (VacReel): The inclusion of a vacuum reel ensures efficient and flexible dust and waste collection throughout your facility.
  • Efficient Dust Handling

  • Fine Dust Separator: This system incorporates a fine dust separator to enhance air quality by efficiently capturing even the smallest particles.
  • Dedicated Piping Lines: Dry-liquid piping lines are strategically installed throughout the building. They include a dedicated line for fine dust, which connects to a specialized station.
  • Versatile Waste Handling:

  • Bagless Design: Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing bags. Our system operates without the need for disposable bags.
  • Large Capacity:Whether dealing with liquid or solid substances, our system offers ample storage capacity to meet your needs.
  • Customization: Tailored to your requirements, our system can be designed to operate continuously for extended periods, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.
  • Low-Maintenance Advantage:

  • Compact Design: Our system's compact design eliminates the need for cartridges or filters, simplifying maintenance.
  • No Post-Cleaning: With automatic waste disposal, you won't have to worry about post-cleaning. The system efficiently drains waste into sanitary piping or redirects it toward a floor drain.
  • Easy Access: Maintenance is a breeze with easy access to the tank through a convenient porthole.
  • Automated Cleaning Cycle: The system includes an automated cleaning cycle, streamlining maintenance tasks.
  • Safety and Convenience:

  • Object Retrieval: Accidentally vacuumed objects can be easily retrieved thanks to the included decanter.

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Industrial Vacuum System Manufacturers in India

Drainvac India creates comprehensive centralized vacuum systems and provides a wide range of accessories to satisfy the demands and specifications of a range of businesses and facilities. Along with the design and production of pneumatic systems and supporting machinery for conveying, weighing and batching of dry materials, we will provide heavy duty industrial hoover cleaners, ranging from small air or electric powered drum styled units to large electric and diesel-powered units. Allow Drainvac to create a unique industrial vacuum system for you or to provide the vacuum parts you require.

Where to use industrial central vacuum systems

Here are some common places and industries where industrial central vacuum systems are used:

1. Manufacturing Facilities: These systems are widely used in manufacturing plants to remove dust, debris, and waste from production lines, machinery, and floors, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

2. Food Processing Industry: Industrial central vacuum systems help maintain hygiene standards in food processing plants by efficiently removing food particles, spills, and contaminants from production areas.

3. Pharmaceutical Industry: Cleanliness and product purity are critical in pharmaceutical manufacturing. These systems assist in maintaining a clean and controlled environment by removing airborne particles and spills.

4. Woodworking and Sawmills: Central vacuum systems are crucial in woodworking industries to collect wood dust and shavings, preventing fire hazards and maintaining air quality.

5. Metalworking Facilities: They aid in the removal of metal chips, dust, and coolant from machining and metal fabrication processes, improving equipment longevity and worker safety.

6. Automotive Manufacturing: Central vacuum systems help keep automotive assembly lines clean by removing debris and excess materials, contributing to efficient and safe production.

7. Textile Industry:In textile mills, these systems handle the collection of lint, dust, and waste materials generated during the textile production process.

8. Chemical Industry: Central vacuum systems play a role in safely managing chemical spills and removing hazardous materials from industrial environments.

9. Healthcare Facilities: In hospitals and laboratories, they are used for maintaining cleanliness and air quality by removing contaminants, chemicals, and biohazardous materials.

10. Warehouses and Distribution Centers: These systems help keep large storage areas and logistics centers clean by efficiently removing dust and debris.

11. Waste Management: Central vacuum systems are employed in waste sorting and recycling facilities to manage various waste materials efficiently.

12. Paper and Printing Industry: : They assist in removing paper dust and trimmings from printing and paper production processes.

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